Thursday, 7 June 2018

10) Pamela Beryl Harriman

Pamela Beryl Harriman (née Digby; 1920 – 1997), also known as Pamela Churchill Harriman. English-born American political activist for the Democratic Party, diplomat, and socialite. She was married three times to important and powerful men, her first husband being Randolph Churchill, the son of prime minister Winston Churchill.

- "With her red hair and marvelously fair, clear complexion -- in 1993, People magazine named her, when she was 73, among the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" -- she cut a striking figure in the corridors of power."

- "Pearls draped her freckled cleavage and reddish hair framed her milk-white face like a froth of ginger."

- "Pam was determined too to be good company. She was pretty, auburn-haired and sexy, with "kitten eyes full of innocent fun", in Evelyn Waugh's double- edged description."

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