Wednesday, 20 June 2018

126) Evelina "Eva" Palmer-Sikelianos

Evelina "Eva" Palmer-Sikelianos (1874 – 1952). American woman notable for her study and promotion of Classical Greek culture, weaving, theater, choral dance and music. Palmer's life and artistic endeavors intersected with numerous noteworthy artists throughout her life. She was both inspired by or inspired the likes of dancers Isadora Duncan and Ted Shawn, the French literary great Colette, the poet and author Natalie Barney and the actress Sarah Bernhardt.

- "Barney likened Palmer to a medieval virgin, an homage to her ankle-length red hair and fair countenance."

- "She was a ravishing pre-Raphaelite beauty with red hair to her ankles."…/rapunzellonghairar…/portrait3.htm

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