Wednesday, 20 June 2018

128) Victorine-Louise Meurent

Victorine-Louise Meurent (also Meurant) (1844 – 1927). French painter and famous model for painters. Although she is best known as the favourite model of Édouard Manet, she was also an artist in her own right who regularly exhibited at the prestigious Paris Salon. In 1876 her paintings were selected for inclusion at the Salon's juried exhibition, when Manet's work was not.

- "She was particularly noticeable for her petite stature, which earned her the nickname La Crevett...e (The Shrimp), and for her red hair, which is depicted as very bright in Manet's watercolor copy of Olympia."

- " Edouard Manet first spotted his muse on the street, carrying her guitar, and was lured by her diminutive figure and untameable red hair."…/iconic-mistresses-in-art-history

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