Friday, 8 June 2018

21) Georges Cadoudal

Georges Cadoudal (1771 –1804). A Breton politician, and leader of the Chouannerie during the French Revolution. He was posthumously named a Marshal of France in 1814 by the reinstated Bourbons. Along with eleven companions, he attempted to kidnap or kill Bonaparte. Found guilty, he was guillotined in Paris.

- "‘[Cadoudal], a heavily built, red-haired Breton aged thirty-two, had been a counter-revolutionary since 1793..."

- "... with his robust figure of immense proportions, red hair and thick beard which partially concealed an enormous scar that served to confirm his identity."

- "The squat, bull-necked Breton (only just over five feet tall), with red heair and a scarred broken nose...

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