Thursday, 28 March 2019

749) Georgia Sothern

Georgia Sothern (1913 - 1981), born Hazel Anderson. American burlesque dancer and vaudeville performer. She was known for her striptease performances.
She was born in Georgia and began performing at 13. Advertising posters brought large crowds to her shows around the U.S. One of the songs she performed to was the up tempo "Hold that Tiger" performed by an orchestra accompanying the show.

- "According to the red-headed dancer, some of her public really felt her work was an art."…/real-art-required-to-be-burle…/

- "The most dynamic of the strippers is Georgia Sothern, who has the kind of red hair usually described as flaming."…

- "... one hand cascading her long red hair over her face..."…

- "Another great redheaded star of those days was Georgia Sothern"…

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