Thursday, 28 March 2019

750) Margie Hart

Margaret Hart Ferraro (1913 – 2000), better known as Margie Hart. New York City stripteaser, in American burlesque theatre.
Hart was one of three burlesque dancers who performed at Minsky's Burlesque in April 1935, who were arrested for giving an indecent performance. Hart, 21, who resided at the Hotel Forrest in Manhattan, New York, was taken into custody along with Toots Brawner, 22, of the Dixie Hotel, and Gladys McCormick, 24, of 229 West 49th Street. The three pleaded not guilty and were each held in $500 bail.

- "She was soon working the burlesque circuit, showing off a mane of red hair and her famous body."…/margaret-hart-ferraro-former-stri…

- "Dummy Davis said she'd once dropped her G-string to prove her red hair was natural.…

- "Voluptuous, flame-haired Margie Hart would find semi-fame as a burlesque dancer in New York during WWII."

- "In 1942, Miss Hart, who was known for her flaming red hair and statuesque figure...…/margaret-hart-ferraro-burlesque-q…

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