Sunday, 31 March 2019

756) Leonard Landy

Leonard Percy Landy (1933 - 2017). American actor. He was known for Aladdin's Lantern (1938), Time Out for Lessons (1939) and Dad for a Day (1939).

- "Known for his freckles and red hair, Leonard Landy played the character Leonard in Our Gang from 1938 into well into the M-G-M years."

- "Tufts of curly red hair peeked out from under his cap, poofing out above his big ears and freckled face.…/rip-leonard-landy-the-red-haired-fre…

- "Leonard Landy, Junior’s red-headed friend who always wore a farmer’s hat and overalls."…/the-little-rascals…

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