Tuesday, 16 July 2019

836) Sara Osborne White

Sara Osborne White (d.1942). American schoolteacher and first wife of novelist and journalist Theodore Dreiser. After proposing in 1893, he married her on December 28, 1898, but ultimately separated in 1909, partly as a result of Dreiser's infatuation with Thelma Cudlipp, the teenage daughter of a colleague.

- "On the train to Chicago, Dreiser was immediately attracted to Sara's auburn hair, serene, almond-shaped eyes, and calmly alert demeanor. https://epdf.pub/a-theodore-dreiser-encyclopedia.html

- "Nicknamed “Jug,” Sara was a gentle, quiet, auburn-haired woman..."  https://www.vqronline.org/making-novelist

- "She was in white, with a mass of sunny red hair."  https://digital.library.unt.edu/…/…/1002773849-Crimmings.pdf

- "... Dreiser fell in love with her figure, dark eyes, and thick red hair (it was this last feature which led her friends and family to call her by the nickname "Jug," for her hair was so thick around her face that it was said to resemble a red jug)."  https://www.library.upenn.edu/…/dreis…/findingaid/tdbio.html

- "Her family had nicknamed her Jug, for her shiny, jug-colored auburn hair."  https://books.google.it/books…

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