Tuesday, 23 July 2019

854) James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart

James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart (1833 – 1864). United States Army officer from Virginia who became a Confederate States Army general during the American Civil War. He was known to his friends as "Jeb", from the initials of his given names. Stuart was a cavalry commander known for his mastery of reconnaissance and the use of cavalry in support of offensive operations. While he cultivated a cavalier image, his serious work made him the trusted eyes and ears of Robert E. Lee's army and inspired Southern morale.

- "... he was broad-shouldered and athletic, weighing 180 pounds, with auburn hair, a full beard and blue-gray eyes that sparkled with good humor."  https://books.google.it/books…

- "Her sister Maria snipped off a lock of the red-golden hair from Jeb's head, tied it with a ribbon and thrust it into an envelope."  http://www.philipstgeorgecooke.info/index.php…

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