Sunday, 28 July 2019

876) James Fisk

James Fisk, Jr. (1835 – 1872), known variously as "Big Jim", "Diamond Jim", and "Jubilee Jim". American stockbroker and corporate executive who has been referred to as one of the "robber barons" of the Gilded Age. Though Fisk was admired by the working class of New York and the Erie Railroad, he achieved much ill-fame for his role in Black Friday in 1869, where he and his partner Jay Gould befriended the unsuspecting President Ulysses S. Grant in an attempt to use the President's good name in a scheme to corner the gold market in New York City. Several years later Fisk was murdered by a disgruntled business associate.

- "Big Jim's tawny red-gold hair and waxed mustaches gleamed."

- "... his reddish yellow hair fringed with curls and his lip masked by a formidable moustache described by one wag as 'the color of a Jersey cow'."…

- "His reddish hair was parted down in the middle... He had a full, drooping red mustache that he kept waxed..."…

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