Sunday, 28 July 2019

878) Frank S. Moulton

Frank Stillman Moulton (1891-1981). American architect.
From 1212 to 1916 he worked for Madison architect A. D. Conover, then, from 1916 to 1926, he worken for the Wisconsin State Architect.
From 1926 until 1932 Moulton partnered with John J. Flad to form Flad & Moulton. The firm produced several surviving buildings.
Following the dissolution of the partnership, Moulton went on to teach art education and planning at the university.

- "He was an excellent business man, quite good looking, tall and stalwart, with a tousled mass of flaming red hair...…

- "... the Sun reported that many in the audience mistook Twain for Frank Moulton, both sporting thick shocks of red hair and handlebar mustaches."…

- "The papers made much of his tufted red hair and mustache..."…

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