Monday, 26 August 2019

1048) John Michael "Red" Corriden

John Michael "Red" Corriden (1887 – 1959). Player, coach, manager and scout in American Major League Baseball. A shortstop and third baseman in his playing days, Corriden appeared in 223 big league games with the St. Louis Browns (1910), Detroit Tigers (1912) and Chicago Cubs (1913–15), batting .205 with 131 hits.

- "... except for Red Corriden, a little freckle-faced guy, red-headed, an ex-Cub, who was great.…

- "... because he has the foulest shade of red hair we ever have seen, sort of catsup orange..."…

- "Red got his nickname the same way every other player named Red got his. He was a redhead."…/

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