Friday, 30 August 2019

1077) Merna Kennedy

Merna Kennedy (born Maude Kahler; 1908 – 1944). American actress of the late silent era and the transitional period into talkies.
Kennedy was best known during her brief career for her role opposite Charlie Chaplin in the silent film The Circus (1928). A dancer, she had muscular legs which helped her gain the role of the circus bareback rider.
She continued acting after The Circus, starring in early sound films, but retired in 1934 when she married choreographer/director Busby Berkeley.
She starred in the fhe first feature-length film to feature child actress Shirley Temple in the credits, the 1932 film The Red-Haired Alibi.

- "Merna Kennedy–17–with radiant red hair and green eyes.

- "According to a movie magazine of the time Merna was a green eyed, red haired, 100 lbs. tomboy who was not a fan of flappers and hated being called one."…/…/merna-kennedy.html

- "Her brick-red hair and blue-green eyes appeared more than just pretty."…

- "Screen tests followed, of course, and the vivaciousness and charm of the red-haired lady with the green eyes registerd with Charlie."…

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