Saturday, 31 August 2019

1090) James Angell MacLachlan

James Angell MacLachlan (1891-1967). Son of historian and Pulitzer Prize winner Andrew C. McLaughlin and Lois Thompson Angell. He was a Harvard Law School professor and co-founder of the National Bankruptcy Conference of 1932. He legally changed his surname to MacLachlan in 1952.

- I telephoned, James Angell McLaughlin, later MacLachlan, a red-haired professor at Harvard Law School..."

- "In appearance he is the prototypical Scotch patriarch: short, barrel-chested with blondered, tousled hair set off by quick eyes and russet cheeks."…

- "... my property teacher was James Angell MacLachlan, nicknamed Red because of his (fading) shock of red hair.…

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