Saturday, 3 August 2019

916) George Waightman

George "Red Buck" Waightman (1850 - 1895). American Old West outlaw, and member of the Doolin-Dalton gang. His surname was also spelled Weightman.
Waightman was born in Tennessee, 1850. He is known to have been a cowboy prior to meeting Bill Doolin and Bill Dalton in 1892. He joined their gang shortly thereafter, taking part in numerous bank robberies and train robberies over the next three years. By 1894, however, US Marshals were hot on the gangs trail, and several members had been captured or killed. The gang split up to make things more difficult for the Marshals. Waightman was eventually tracked down, on October 2, by Deputy US Marshal Chris Madsen, and in the ensuing shootout Waightman was killed.

- "Trouble in a well muscled package topped by dark red hair (the origins of his nickname, "Red Buck")...…/the-death-of-red-buck-…

- "Red Buck, named for his mop of red hair..."…

- "His hair was red, which gave him his nickname."

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