Tuesday, 6 August 2019

927) William M. Stewart

William Morris Stewart (1827 – 1909). American lawyer and politician.
His law partner in San Francisco was Henry S. Foote

- "The handsome six foot, two-inch, red-haired, two hundred pound Stewart was a frequent visitor to the home of Senator Foote..."  http://www.juliacbulette.com/…/2…/06/210777-1964-1-2cent.pdf

- "It was Stewart, red-haired like the loutish Brown, but a bigger man at six-foot-two (back when few men were six-footers), and weighing over 200 pounds."  https://truewestmagazine.com/justice-comes-to-nevada/

- "Red-bearded and hot-tempered, he had earned a reputation in the gold camps..."  https://books.google.it/books…

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