Friday, 9 August 2019

942) Jacqueline Logan

Jacqueline Medura Logan (1904 – 1983). American actress and silent film star.
She worked in films such as The Perfect Crime (1921), Molly O' (1921), Burning Sands (1922), A Blind Bargain (1922), Sixty Cents an Hour (1923), Java Head (1923), and A Man Must Live (1924). The House of Youth (1924) is described as her "first starring vehicle."
Logan was also selected by Cecil B. De Mille for the role of Mary Magdalene in the classic The King of Kings (1927), a part much sought after by actresses of the era.
The actress of silent films was largely unsuccessful in the new medium of talkies and retired entirely after her marriage in 1934. 

- "Logan had auburn hair and green eyes.

- "Red-haired Jacqueline Logan is perhaps best remembered for playing a very glamorous Mary Magdalene in Cecil B. DeMille's The King of Kings (1927)."…/3903784

- "Beautiful auburn-haired, green-eyed leading lady of the silent screen..."

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