Friday, 16 August 2019

977) Tedi Thurman

Theodora "Tedi" Thurman (born Dorothy Ruth Thurman; 1923 – 2012). American fashion model and actress who found fame in the 1950s as Miss Monitor on NBC's Monitor, a 40-hour weekend radio show developed by Pat Weaver.

- "She's 5-feet-7, weight 115, sea-blue eyes, long loosely combed red hair and a 33-21-33 figure."

- "At five-foot-seven, with cascading red hair..."…

- "At 5-foot-7, with sea-blue eyes, flowing red hair, chiseled cheeks and a shapely figure, Tedi Thurman was a stunner."…/tedi-thurman-89-weather-forecaster…

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