Friday, 16 August 2019

980) Mary Colum

Mary Colum (née Maguire, 1884 – 1957). Irish literary critic and author.
She co-founded The Irish Review (1911–14) with David Houston, Thomas MacDonagh et al. and she and her husband Padraic edited the magazine for some months of its four-year career.
In July 1912 she married Padraic Colum and they moved to New York in 1914, living occasionally in London and Paris. In Paris Colum associated with James Joyce and discouraged him from duping enquirers about the origins of the interior monologue in the example of Edouard Dujardin.

- "... got his revenge by making Colum’s curly red hair look wild in the finished portrait, despite the fact that she had had a finger wave put in to keep it under control."…

- "Mary was a very lovely young woman, and was described as having “a cascade of beautiful red hair”.…/an-irishman-s-diary-on-mary-ma…

- "... taking young, red-haired witty Mary Colum along..."…

- "... both pursuing a red-haired Sligo girl named Mary Maguire, who taught at St.Enda's with MacDonagh."

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