Friday, 16 August 2019

981) Alice Milligan

Alice Milligan (1865 – 1953) Irish nationalist poet and writer, active in the Gaelic League.
ogether with her father she wrote a political travelogue of the north of Ireland in 1888, Glimpses of Erin. She wrote her first novel, A Royal Democrat, in 1890.
After the death of C. S. Parnell she became an ardent nationalist. In 1894 with Jenny Armour she founded branches of the Irish Women's Association in Belfast and other places, and became its first president. With Ethna Carbery she founded two nationalist publications in the 1890s, The Northern Patriot, and later The Shan Van Vocht, a monthly literary magazine published in Belfast from 1896 to 1899.
She was a figure of the Irish literary revival, and a close associate of Douglas Hyde. She was also 'on first-name terms' with WB Yeats, James Connolly and Roger Casement. Tomas MacDonagh, writing in the Irish Review in September 1914, described her as 'the best Irish poet of his generation'.

- "This “red-headed Nationalist” was a figure of gossip and controversy and was branded a “black mark” on her family’s reputation."…/

- "... a young woman with bright red hair, a hat... My companion said excitedly: There is Alice Miligan.…

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