Monday, 19 August 2019

994) Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller (1802 – 1856). Self-taught Scottish geologist and writer, folklorist and evangelical Christian.
Though he had no academic credentials, he is today considered one of Scotland's premier palaeontologists.

- "Hugh Miller stood just short of 6ft tall, a man of most striking appearance with a great mass of flaming red hair and "sapphire" blue eyes."…

- "Miller's nickname amongst scientists and publishers was “Old Red.” He was appropriately named, for he had abundant, unruly red hair.

- "His appearance helped him stand out from the crowd; he grew to be 6’2” and had a full and flowing head of red hair.

- "... was known affectionately by his friends as Old Red, both on account of his shock of red hair and his insightful, ground-breaking work into the vast sandstone deposits across Scotland that bear the same name."…/

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