Sunday, 18 August 2019

987) Eliza Lynch

Eliza Alice Lynch Lloyd (1833 – 1886). Irish-born mistress-wife of Francisco Solano López, president of Paraguay.
She met Solano Lopez in 1854 and gave him six children, although the two never married.

- "And what was a gorgeous 17-year old girl with an hourglass figure, flaming red hair and a mansion to maintain to do?…/winter-2…/the-cult-of-eliza-lynch

- "Elisa Lynch was a red-haired Irish beauty who rose from nowhere to rule an empire."…/A-grand-piano-in-the-jungle.h…

- "When she crosses a room, from her crown of reddish hair to her small feet —.a goddess!"

- "The fifteen year old was a striking beauty with auburn hair and skin so white that the blue veins showed through at her neck and temples."…/women-at…

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