Sunday, 1 September 2019

1094) Henry A. Wallace

Henry Agard Wallace (1888 – 1965). American politician, journalist and farmer who served as the 11th U.S. secretary of agriculture, the 33rd vice president of the United States and the 10th U.S. secretary of commerce. He was also the presidential nominee of the left-wing Progressive Party in the 1948 election.
After graduating from Iowa State University in 1910, Wallace worked as a writer and editor for his family's farm journal, Wallace's Farmer. He also founded the Hi-Bred Corn Company, a hybrid corn company that eventually became extremely successful. Wallace displayed an intellectual curiosity about a wide array of subjects, including statistics and economics, and he explored various religious and spiritual movements, including Theosophy. After the death of his father in 1924, Wallace increasingly drifted away from the Republican Party, and he supported Democratic presidential nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 election.

- "His great shock of auburn hair seemed perpetually unruly and his strong, rough hands gave proof that he was accustomed to farm work."…

- "He had unruly red hair and an awkward look of embarrassment."…

- "He was red-headed on his head and in his soul."

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