Saturday, 25 January 2020

1245) Kay Thompson

Kay Thompson (born Catherine Louise Fink; 1909 – 1998). American author, singer, vocal arranger, vocal coach, composer, musician, dancer and actress. She is best known as the creator of the Eloise children's books and for her role in the movie Funny Face.
She was a close friend and mentor of Judy Garland and Andy Williams.

- "A pencil-thin, red-haired radio performer with a prominent nose..."…

- "She may have had the body of a woman, but she still had the face of a kid with red hair, freckles, and an unfortunate nose.…/eloise-at-55-the-legacy-of-kay-thomps…

- "She was tall and skinny, with red hair, strong sharp features and extraordinary agate eyes."…

- "Suddenly, her red hair, her freckles, her oversized nose, even her last name became the butt of cruel jokes."…/org.oclc.lac.ui.DialABookServlet…

Saturday, 18 January 2020

1244) Edward Hull "Boss" Crump

Edward Hull "Boss" Crump (1874 – 1954). American politician from Memphis, Tennessee. Representing the Democratic Party, he was the dominant force in the city's politics for most of the first half of the 20th century, during which the city had a commission form of government. He also dominated Tennessee state politics for most of the time from the 1920s to the 1940s. He was elected and served as mayor of Memphis from 1910 through 1915, and again briefly in 1940. However, he effectively appointed every mayor elected from 1915 to 1954.

- "His most popular nickname, the "Red Snapper," referred not only to his hair but also to his characteristically clipped speech."

- "His red hair made him easy to remember."

- "He was 66. His great shock of hair had long since lost the bright color that had earned him his “Red Snapper” sobriquet."…/mr-crump-the-making-of-a-boss/

- "... Crump was a large man of considerable height, with a mop of red hair that slowly turned white but remained in abundance."…

1243) Dolly Haas

Dorothy Clara Louise Haas (1910 – 1994), known professionally as Dolly Haas. German-American actress and singer who played in German and American films, and often appeared in Broadway plays.
Haas was born in Hamburg, Germany, to Charles Oswald Haas, a bookseller of British origin, and Margarete Maria (née Hansen). Haas was an accomplished actress in German cinema before moving to the United States.
Although she did not appear in many English language films, she had an important role in Alfred Hitchcock's 1953 film, I Confess. Haas was a personal friend of Hitchcock's, and Hitchcock cast her as Alma Keller, the wife of the murderer—janitor Otto Keller.

- "Yesterday Dolly Haas, a tiny little thing with red hair like a young Bergner..."…
"He is married to a red-haired actress, Dolly Haas, and they have a red-haired thirteen-year-old daughter, Nina..."…

- "Dolly wore a protective, wide-brimmed hat, her beautiful furled and knotted red hair..."…

- "... the celebrated stage and screen actress Dolly Haas, remembered mainly as the vivacious, red-haired gamine in a number of German and British films of the thirties."…/S…/1994)_-_Obituary:_Dolly_Haas

Sunday, 29 December 2019

1242) Grace Gifford

Grace Evelyn Gifford Plunkett (1888 – 1955). Irish artist and cartoonist who was active in the Republican movement. She married her fiancé Joseph Plunkett in Kilmainham Gaol only a few hours before he was executed for his part in the 1916 Easter Rising.
Her sister Muriel was married to another of the future leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising, Thomas MacDonagh.

- "The three sisters all had red hair and were very striking and beautiful and could not help but be noticed."…/marita-conlon-mckennas-rebel-sist…/

Friday, 27 December 2019

1241) Wendy Barrie

Wendy Barrie (born Marguerite Wendy Jenkins, 1912 – 1978). British-American film and television actress.
She made her screen debut in 1932 with the film Threads, which was based upon a play. She went on to make a number of motion pictures for London Films under the Korda brothers, Alexander and Zoltan, the best known of which is 1933's The Private Life of Henry VIII, in which she portrayed Jane Seymour.
In 1935 she moved to the United States and made her first Hollywood film for Fox opposite Spencer Tracy in the romantic comedy It's a Small World.
With the dawn of television, in the late 1940s, Barrie turned to roles in that medium. She is best remembered by U.S. audiences as host of one of the first television talk shows. The Wendy Barrie Show debuted in November 1948 on ABC, then ran on DuMont and NBC, ending its run in September 1950.
She was reportedly engaged to and had a daughter named Carolyn with the infamous gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel.

- "While still in her teens, she began pursuing a career as an actress, helped by her red-gold hair and blue eyes."

- "Red-haired, blue-eyed English beauty Wendy Barrie..."…

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

1240) Jeff Donnell

Jean Marie "Jeff" Donnell (1921 – 1988). American film and television actress.
She was signed to a contract by Columbia Pictures while she was active with the Farragut Playhouse in New Hampshire and she made her film debut in My Sister Eileen (1942).
She was not a major star, but she did have a lengthy film and television career in various supporting roles, including the role of Gidget's mother Dorothy Lawrence in Gidget Goes Hawaiian and Gidget Goes to Rome. She also played Hannah Marshall in the Gidget television series. She portrayed Mrs. Bennett in the TV series Julia and in 1966 she made five appearances on Dr. Kildare as Evelyn Driscoll.

- "Jeff Donnell was a happy-looking, red-haired American actress..."

Saturday, 30 November 2019

1239) Maria Montez

María África Gracia Vidal (1912 – 1951), known professionally as Maria Montez. Dominican motion picture actress who gained fame and popularity in the 1940s as an exotic beauty starring in a series of filmed-in-Technicolor costume adventure films. Her screen image was that of a hot-blooded Latin seductress, dressed in fanciful costumes and sparkling jewels. She became so identified with these adventure epics that she became known as "The Queen of Technicolor". Over her career, Montez appeared in 26 films, 21 of which were made in North America and the last five were made in Europe.

- "With reddish hair and only a trace of Spanish accent..."…

- "Red-headed Maria Montez from the Dominican Republic..."…

- "In this movie, Maria danced to a contagious rumba, showing her beautiful red hair, proving that she looked wonderful in colors by the first time."

- "The firemen used artificial respiration for three hours in a vain effort to resuscitate the auburn-haired, brown-eyed actress."…/archive-obituary-maria…