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1277) Meijer de Haan

Meijer Isaac de Haan (1852 – 1895). Dutch painter.
He was born into a successful Jewish family of biscuit manufacturers, close to the study of religion, music and art.
In 1888 he went to Paris to continue his studies. There he met Pissarro, Theo van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, whom De Haan accompanied to Le Pouldu, on the coast of Brittany.
Here had a liaison with Marie Henry, the owner of the seaside hotel-café Buvette de la plage, where De Haan and Gauguin lodged in 1890–1891. They covered the walls of the dining area with impressionist murals, which were only papered over in the 1920s. Since their discovery, the murals have been restored and sold.
Today, the bar Buvette de la plage has been restored to its former appearance, with modern reproductions installed to replace the original wall paintings.
In 2010, the Musée d'Orsay staged an exhibition of De Haan's work, called A Master Revealed: Meijer de Haan.

- "Nearly the same age, both men were Dutch, red-haired, multilingual amd well-read.…

- "De Haan, a hunchback with carrot-red hair, exchanged his sober, cover-up city suits for open-necked shirts and patterned scarves.…/art-review-on-a-shoestring-search…

Thursday, 19 March 2020

1276) Emily Nevada Smith Frye

 Emily Nevada Smith Frye (1921 - 1985). American showgirl at Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe in NY City. She also played roles in movies such as The Harvey Girls & Rhapsody in Blue.
In 1950 she married William John "Jack" Frye (1904 - 1959), co-founder and President of TWA Airlines, Vice-President of the AGFA (ANSCO) Film Corporation and director of many other corporations. The two married under one month after Jack's divorce from Helen Vanderbilt. They had a daughter, Lili Navajac Frye was born May 9, 1953.

- "The Smiths were ahead of Grandpa's car on the highway and dad can still remember her pretty red hair flowing out of the car window."

- "Born in Reno Nevada, this tall shapely redhead had a legion of men chasing her from coast to

1275) Juliana R. Force

Juliana R. Force (1876 – 1948). American art museum administrator and director.
Force was born Julianna Reiser, but became known as "Juliana". At the age of 35 Force married Willard Force, a dentist, then becoming known as "Juliana Rieser Force" or "Juliana Reiser Force" or "Juliana R. Force", which is sometimes shortened to "Juliana Force".
Force's first job was as the personal secretary of socialite Helen Hay (wife of Payne Whitney). At the age of 38 in 1914 she became the private secretary for Helen Hay's sister-in-law, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, a great-granddaughter of "Commodore" Cornelius Vanderbilt and eldest surviving daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt II.
Whitney assigned Force in 1929 to contact the Metropolitan Museum of Art to prepare a plan for a gift of Whitney's collection. Whitney's art collection gift was to be displayed in a new wing, partly financed by her. The museum turned down the gift. Whitney then displayed her work in her own studios and galleries, that were under her name. Force managed these art enterprises and then in 1930 became director of the new Whitney Museum of American Art that developed from these art studio and gallery enterprises.
Force initiated the first display of American folk art in a gallery in the United States, the "Early American Art" collection. On February 9, 1924 she began a presentation of folk art in a Whitney gallery that she administered, intending to bring folk art attractiveness closer to the level of contemporary art. Because of her passion for folk art, this initial display led to the first official public exhibition of folk art in a public showing presentation.
Force became chair of the American Art Research Council in 1942.

- "Juliana Force, the museum director, was a decisive, vibrant woman with pretty clothes and red hair...…

- "With striking auburn hair and light green eyes, Juliana Force was a born hostess and brilliant talker..."…

- "Trim, auburn-haired, green-eyed, and vividly theatrical, Juliana Force had, said the art historian Lloyd Goodrich, “a personal magnetism that struck one instantly on meeting her, like a physical sensation..."

- "The red-haired Force (her name as apt as that of a character in Pilgrim's Progress) stands, her back to the viewer, as she looks at a painting."…/juliana-force-guy-pene…

- "Juliana Rieser, a year younger than Gertrude, had the vividly theatrical personality to match her auburn hair and green eyes."…

1274) Helen Varner Vanderbilt Frye

Helen Varner Vanderbilt Frye (1908–1979). American fashion designer, milliner (hat making), photographer, sculptor, portrait artist, amateur architect and rancher, with a deep love of land and horses.
She married two very prominent men: Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. (Neil), and Jack Frye, co-founder and long-time president of Transcontinental & Western Air (TWA), and CEO of Aniline and Film Corp. Helen was said to be a pilot, and spent more time in the air with her husband Jack than most women of that time-frame (1938-1950).
After divorcing her in 1950, Jack Frye married showgirl Emily Nevada Smith.
At the end of Helen's life she managed the Frye Ranch at Sedona Arizona, which she owned and where her ashes were scattered. She is the only person to be laid to rest there.

- "... Helen brushes her auburn hair..."…

- "Helen was described by Los Angeles Times Fashion Editor Sylvia Weaver as an auburn-haired
blue-eyed beauty

1273) Paul Ash

Paul Robert Ash (1891 — 1958). German-born American orchestra leader, composer, vaudeville personality and recording artist. He emigrated to the United States at age one.
He recorded several hit songs: "Rememb'ring" (Brunswick, 1924), with his Granada Orchestra, "My Pet" (Columbia, 1928) and "Shadows on the Swanee" (Columbia, 1933). He also penned Kay Kyser's theme "Thinking of You."

- "... some edge must come off with Paul Ash, the kingpin in this house and also a redhead."…

- "This publicity photograph of Paul Ash unfortunately fails to capture his vibrant red hair."…

- "The other music star was a red-haired, flamboyant band leader brought in from the West Coast."…

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

1272) Hamo Thornycroft

Sir William Hamo Thornycroft (1850 – 1925). English sculptor, responsible for some of London's best-known statues. He was a keen student of classical sculpture and became one of the youngest members of the Royal Academy.
He was the leading figure in the movement known as the New Sculpture, which provided a transition between the neoclassical styles of the 19th century and its later fin-de-siècle and modernist departures.
Hamo Thornycroft belonged to the Thornycroft family of sculptors. Both of his parents, Thomas and Mary, were distinguished sculptors. In addition to his parents, Thornycroft's grandfather John Francis was also a distinguished sculptor. His brother, Sir John Isaac Thornycroft, became a successful naval engineer; their sister, Theresa, was the mother of the poet Siegfried Sassoon; Theresa and sisters Alyce and Helen Thornycroft were artists.

- "A tall, imposing figure with fiery red hair, Thornycroft sits on a stool, gazing curiously at the camera."…/w--hamo-thornycrof… 

- "Physically, he was tall, ‘extremely powerful in frame’ with ‘curly, golden-red’ hair.…/mp04…/sir-william-hamo-thornycroft…

1271) Theresa Thornycroft

Theresa Thornycroft (1853 –1947). English sculptor and painter.
She was a member of the inventive and artistic branch of the Thornycroft family. Her father was sculptor and engineer Thomas Thornycroft (1815–1885) and her mother, sculptor Mary Francis (1814–1895). Theresa's brother Sir Hamo Thornycroft, sisters Alyce Thornycroft and Helen Thornycroft were artists, her brother Sir John Isaac Thornycroft was the founder of the Thornycroft shipbuilding company and her niece was the naval architect Blanche Thornycroft.
A gifted artist, she exhibited her paintings at the Royal Academy of Arts in London before she turned twenty-two.
She married Alfred Ezra Sassoon (1861–1895) of the Jewish Sassoon family. Because she was Anglo-Catholic, he was disinherited by the Sassoon family for marrying her. They had three sons: Michael Thornycroft Sassoon (1884–1969), Siegfried Sassoon (1886–1967) and Hamo Watts Sassoon (1887–1915).

- "Theresa - short, plump, red-haired, with large ears, and nicknamed 'Trees' - studied painting under Ford Madox Brown..."…/b…/chapters/siegfried-sassoon.html

 - "Contemporary accounts describe her as petite, with red hair and a shy smile."…