Saturday, 4 April 2020

1278) Nana Bryant

Nana Irene Bryant (1888 – 1955). American film, stage, and television actress. She appeared in more than 100 films between 1935 and 1955.
She also played on Broadway, appearing in the then non-singing role of Morgan le Fay in Rodgers and Hart's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, before working in films. Her other Broadway credits included Marriage Is for Single People (1945), Baby Pompadour (1934), A Ship Comes In (1934), The First Apple (1933), The Dubarry (1932), The Stork is Dead (1932), Heigh-Ho, Everybody (1932), The Padre (1926), The Wild Rose (1926), No More Women (1926), The Firebrand (1924).
On television, Bryant played Connie's mother in The First Hundred Years and Mrs. Nestor in Our Miss Brooks. She also made several appearances as the mother of Margaret Williams (Jean Hagen) during the first three seasons of Make Room for Daddy.

- "Red-haired Nana Bryant played on Broadway..."…

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