Monday, 18 February 2019

722) Charles Budd Robinson

Charles Budd Robinson, Jr. (1871 – 1913). Canadian botanist and explorer.
Robinson worked with the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) from 1903 to 1908, leaving to become an economic botanist with the Bureau of Science in Manila.
Robinson never returned after leaving on a botanical expedition on December 5, 1913. He was reported as missing on December 11, with the assistant resident of Amboina (now Ambon in Indonesia) writing about the nature of his disappearance. He concluded that Robinson had been murdered. The report states that Robinson had encountered a native boy who had climbed a coconut tree, startling the boy who was not used to seeing a "European". The boy hurried to his village whereupon the locals feared that Robinson intended to do them harm, possibly believing him to be a head-hunter. Six people from the village killed him and sank his body into the sea.

- "While Charles Budd Robinson was collecting plants near a village, the villagers blamed a hairy red devil who resided in the forest for a number of misfortunes. When Robinson, who had red hair and a prominent moustache of the same colour, came out of the forest unexpectedly, the villagers killed him."…

- "At the same time he was collecting in a certain locale several misfortunes befell the local inhabitants and they attributed their bad luck to a red (or red headed) demon in the forest. When Robinson (who was red headed) walked out of the forest, the natives became alarmed and suspicious."

- "On December 5, 1913, in a small Butonese village about 10 miles from Ambon, the natives noticed a white man with red hair jumping up and down and shouting “Potong kepalal! Potong kepala!”…/issue95/hg95-feat-rumphius.html…

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