Thursday, 19 March 2020

1276) Emily Nevada Smith Frye

 Emily Nevada Smith Frye (1921 - 1985). American showgirl at Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe in NY City. She also played roles in movies such as The Harvey Girls & Rhapsody in Blue.
In 1950 she married William John "Jack" Frye (1904 - 1959), co-founder and President of TWA Airlines, Vice-President of the AGFA (ANSCO) Film Corporation and director of many other corporations. The two married under one month after Jack's divorce from Helen Vanderbilt. They had a daughter, Lili Navajac Frye was born May 9, 1953.

- "The Smiths were ahead of Grandpa's car on the highway and dad can still remember her pretty red hair flowing out of the car window."

- "Born in Reno Nevada, this tall shapely redhead had a legion of men chasing her from coast to

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