Thursday, 6 December 2018

701) Helen Tamiris

Helen Tamiris (born Helen Becker; 1905 –1966). American choreographer, modern dancer, and teacher.

- "Tamiris, whose dance photos show her as a vibrant red-haired woman, athletic and strong..."…

- "A tall woman with fiery red hair and dramatic features, Helen Tamiris became as notable for her political dynamism as for her appearances onstage..."…/ency…/tamiris-helen-1902-1966

- "She was tall for a dancer, strong of limb, and with a beautifully proportioned body topped by a mop of bright red hair. "

- "At a time when some modern dancers tried to look like stern high priestesses, Tamiris, with her mane of reddish-gold hair, was defiantly glamorous, and she relished unusual roles."…/dance-view-a-champion-of-racial-j…

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