Sunday, 9 December 2018

711) Jacqueline Kolb

Amélia Emma Louise Kolb, also known as Jacqueline (1891 - 1967). French nurse. On the 2nd of May 1918 she married the writer Guillaume Apollinaire, who died the following November. His poem La jolie rousse is dedicated to her. 
- "On March 15, 1918, two months before his wedding to the red-haired Jacqueline, he published La jolie rousse...…

- "...Apollinaire married Jacqueline Kolb, the lovely redhead he called Ruby..."…

- "Hitherto unfortunate in love, particularly with the painter Marie Laurencin, he found happiness with Jacqueline Kolb, the "beautiful redhead" of the last poem in Calligrammes. They married in May. Six months later, at the age of 38, Apollinaire died of influenza in Paris."

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