Monday, 22 April 2019

775) Lucille Bremer

Lucille Bremer (1917 – 1996). American film actress and dancer.
Arthur Freed discovered Lucille when she was working in a nightclub doing a specialty dance act, and decided to cast her as Rose Smith in Meet Me in St. Louis, and began building up her career which never really took off despite being put in three big musical productions at MGM. When she married, she decided to retire. 

- " A brief but beautiful little wave in the MGM musical pool during the mid-40s was lovely, classy, red-headed Lucille Bremer."

- "This red-haired Bette Davis look-alike was not only graceful in her onscreen Terpsichore..."

- "Minnelli even got away with filming Garland in a deep red velvet dress beside red-haired Lucille Bremer..."

- "A red-headed beauty and distinguished dancer, Lucille Bremer partnered Fred Astaire in three of his finest routines..."

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