Wednesday, 19 June 2019

793) Emil Gilels

Emil Grigoryevich Gilels (1916 – 1985). Ukrainian pianist. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest pianists of all time.

- "With the famous shock of hair (it is still reddish) flying like a battle banner..."…/piano-emil-gilels-wins-ovation-wi…

- "He was stocky and red-haired, and looked a bit like a lion."…/We-lost-premature-death-music…

- "... but it was the forty-year-old Gilels with his dazzling pianism and flaming red hair who made the greatest impression on me."…/09/26/record-keeping-emil-gil…/

- "But by God, there was this boy—short, with a mass of red hair and freckles—who played ..."…/mag…/article/0,9171,876486,00.html

- "Gilels, who died in 1985, a few days short of his 69th birthday, proved a strangely captivating stage presence: stocky, beetle-browed, with a permanent frown, a shock of red hair and sausage fingers."…/the-reputation-is-legendary-the-p…

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