Friday, 14 June 2019

788) Francis M. Wilson

Francis M. Wilson (1867 - 1932). American politician.
Wilson had a legal and political career extending over a period of more than forty years. During his career he filled the office of City Attorney of Platte City; Prosecuting Attorney of Platte county; State Senator (from 1898 to 1913); and District Attorney of the Western District of Missouri; the latter by appointment of President Wilson. In 1920 he resigned as prosecutor to become receiver for the Kansas City Railways Co. In 1928 he was the Democratic nominee for Governor but was defeated by Governor Caufield. He won the nomination again in the August primary by a majority of 150,000 votes.

- "... Francis M. Wilson - a poetical, oratorical fellow, dignified yet humorous, he was possessed of red hair and freckles and known as the Red-Headed Peckerwood of the Platte.…

- "Francis M. Wilson, known to rural voters as the Red-Headed Peckerwood of the Platte, was a freckled, old-fashioned Missouri stump speaker...

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