Sunday, 29 July 2018

493) Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy

Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy (1455 – 1492) (also spelt MacCarthy and Macarthy). Irish ecclesiastic. He was a bishop who never ruled his see, even though he was appointed to two of them: Bishop of Ross, Ireland in 1482 and Bishop of Cork and Cloyne in 1490. His feast day is 25 October. He died in the Italian city of Ivrea, where his tomb became a local shrine. In 1742, when the tomb was opened, the body was found to be perfectly preserved.

- "Eventually the tombs of both saints were opened and Thaddeus’s remains were re-interred in a reliquary (he was found to have red hair)"…/thaddeus-mccarthy-the-bi…/

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