Monday, 8 October 2018

680) Susan Langstaff Mitchell

Susan Langstaff Mitchell (1866 – 1926). Irish writer and poet, known for her satirical verse. She was a friend of the Yeats family and John B. Yeats painted the portrait you can see below. She worked as a journalist and became assistant editor of the Irish Homestead and from 1923 she was sub-editor at the Irish Statesman.

- "The Titian-haired beauty, Susan L. Mitchell, described by W. B. Yeats as 'the nearest approach they have to a true poet', was friend of Lily Yeats, Seumas O'Sullivan and Constance Markiewicz."

- "She grew up a beautiful girl with curly red hair..."…

Thursday, 4 October 2018

679) James Webb

James Charles Napier Webb (1946 – 1980). Scottish historian and biographer. He is remembered primarily for his books The Harmonious Circle, The Occult Underground and The Occult Establishment.
In 1980 his important biography of G. I. Gurdjieff, titled The Harmonious Circle, was published. He spent 8 years researching the book, making contacts with the Gurdjieff community worldwide. The New York Review of Books described Webb's research and knowledge of the subject as "extremely comprehensive" and Mistlberger described the book as "scholarly and occasionally gossipy" with Webb being "unquestionably a sincere researcher" who became "deeply involved in the matter of his subject" while remaining "fundamentally an outsider, an investigative journalist". Tamdgidi wrote that, amongst all the biographers of Gurdjieff, "only Webb claimed to have been independent and outside the circle of Gurdjieff's followers", and in 2004, in Inventors of Gurdjieff, Paul Beekman Taylor described The Harmonious Circle as "the first systematic biographical account by a writer who hadn't known Gurdjieff personally". Webb established that Gurdjieff's writings revealed substantial evidence of familiarity with the languages and cultures of central Asia, but Webb regarded Gurdjieff more as a self-taught innovator than a member of an esoteric Asiatic group, and, although seeing some of its forms having derived from Asia, saw the content of his teachings deriving from western occult traditions.

- "He was red-haired and very Scottish-looking."…/uploads/…/05/The-Occult-Webb.pdf

- "The reaction brought up with it from the depth of memory the visual image of a tall, spare young figure eight years back, red hair flaring in the sea wind..."…/an-appreciation-of-jam…

Sunday, 23 September 2018

678) Robert Kelso Cassatt

Robert Kelso Cassatt (1873–1944). Son of Alexander Johnston Cassatt (brother of the painter Mary Cassatt).

Portrait of Master Robert Kelso Cassatt

Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt and His Son Robert Kelso Cassatt

Robert and His Sailboat

677) Lydia Cassatt

Lydia Cassatt (1837 - 1882). Sister of the painter Mary Cassatt.

- "Her only legacy was her image, of a fresh-faced woman with a strong jaw and reddish-blond hair, in Cassatt's paintings, like ''Woman Reading'' and ''The Cup of Tea.''…/a-voice-out-of-the-silence-imagin…


Lydia at a Tapestry Loom

At the Theater

Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge

Thursday, 20 September 2018

676) Horace Robertson

Lieutenant General Sir Horace Clement Hugh Robertson, (1894 – 1960). Senior officer in the Australian Army who served in the First World War, the Second World War and the Korean War. He was one of the first graduates of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, to reach the ranks of major general and lieutenant general.

- "Horace was nicknamed "Red Robbie" by his fellow schoolboys after his hair colour, in contrast to his older brother John, or "Black Robbie".

- "... and in the next few days comments by a 'sunburnt, red-headed Australian Brigadier' hit the headlines of the British press."…

- "A career soldier trained at Duntroon, the general was known as Red Robbie, not because of his politics but rather his shock of flaming red hair."…

675) Frederick Funston

Frederick Funston (1865 – 1917) also known as Fighting Fred Funston. General in the United States Army, best known for his roles in the Spanish–American War and the Philippine–American War. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Philippine–American War.

- "His shock of red hair hinted at the explosive temper concealed by his dapper outward appearance."…

- "However, the City’s salvation already was under way. It started when the quake unceremoniously dumped a feisty red headed little general named Frederick Funston out of his bed in his home at 1310 Washington Street."

- "He was in his mid-forties and had red hair that was starting to gray at the edges."…

- "MacArthur and his host presented a striking contrast. Funston, 15 years older, was carrying much more weight on his 5’5’’ frame than in his youth, and his red hair and Van Dyke had gone gray."…

Saturday, 8 September 2018

674) Josiah Royce

Josiah Royce (1855 – 1916). American objective idealist philosopher and the founder of American idealism.
Royce stands out starkly in the philosophical crowd because he was the only major American philosopher who spent a significant period of his life studying and writing history, specifically of the American West. “As one of the four giants in American philosophy of his time […] Royce overshadowed himself as historian, in both reputation and output” (Pomeroy, 2). During his first three years at Harvard, Royce taught many different subjects such as English composition, forensics, psychology and philosophy for other professors. Although he eventually settled into writing philosophy, his early adulthood was characterized by wide-ranging interests, during which he wrote a novel, investigated paranormal phenomena (as a skeptic), and published a significant body of literary criticism. Only as historian and philosopher did he distinguish himself. 

- "When the University of California, in 1873, first opened its doors on the Berkeley campus, one of its entering students was a red-haired youth who had prepared for college in the San Francisco schools..."…/bio…/memoir-pdfs/royce-josiah.pdf

- "As for Royce's red hair, it was much remarked on during his lifetime."…

- "He was a sickly boy, short, freckled, with wild red hair; his mother did not allow him to play with the other children in the community."

- "He had a colossal head, with great bulging temples. crowned with a shock of red hair."…