Monday, 17 December 2018

715) Baron Karl von Venningen

Baron Karl Theodore von Venningen (1806 – 1874). Austrian aristocrat in the court of Ludwig I of Bavaria. In November 1833 he married Jane Elizabeth Digby. They had a son, Heribert, and a daughter, Bertha, and divorced in 1842.

- "Once more she thought she found it, this time in the person of Baron Karl von Venningen, a handsome red‐haired nobleman in Ludwig's court."…/the-heart-is-an-impetuous-travele…

- "... he was tall, powerfully built and handsome, with red hair.…

Saturday, 15 December 2018

714) Élisabeth, Countess Greffulhe

Marie Anatole Louise Élisabeth, Countess Greffulhe (née de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay; 1860 – 1952). French socialite, known as a renowned beauty and queen of the salons of the Faubourg Saint-Germain in Paris.
The countess helped establish the art of James Whistler, and she actively promoted such artists as Auguste Rodin, Antonio de La Gandara and Gustave Moreau. Gabriel Fauré dedicated to her his Pavane. She was a patron of Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets russes, and launched a fashion for greyhound racing. Fascinated by science, she helped Marie Curie to finance the creation of the Institute of Radium, and Édouard Branly to pursue his research on radio transmission and telemechanical systems.
She is one of the main inspirations for the character of the duchesse de Guermantes in Marcel Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu. Her husband, Count Greffulhe, is the main and almost unique inspiration for the character of the duc de Guermantes. A recent biography demonstrates - relying in particular on research into the author's draft notebooks - that Countess Greffulhe and her family, who inspired several of the characters in La recherche, played a major role in the genesis of the work and in the discovery of the "magic" name of Guermantes.
The colour of her eyes was unusual; as Mina Curtiss, who visited her, noticed, her eyes were like "the dark purple brown-tinged petals of a rarely seen pansy." 

- "She loved to wear green, which complemented her auburn hair."

- "A commanding redhead and noted beauty, the Countess was an important philanthropist who helped raise funds for the Ballets Russes and for a lab for Madame Curie."…/vogue-archives-elizabeth-taylor-aud…

- "Like the fictional Duchess, Greffulhe's garments were often covered in orchids or lilies, green or mauve-pink to accent her auburn hair, or shimmering velvets with printed motifs."…/marie-an…/article32363017/

713) Emilie Flöge

Emilie Louise Flöge (1874 – 1952). Austrian fashion designer and businesswoman. She was the life companion of the painter Gustav Klimt. Experts believe that his painting The Kiss (1907–08) shows the artist and Emilie Flöge as lovers.

- "Rumours suggest this to be Klimt and his lifelong lover, Emilie Flöge, a porcelain-skinned, red-headed beauty."…/473ae19b-7d85-40c1-96…/358656

Thursday, 13 December 2018

712) Philip II of Spain

Philip II (1527 – 1598). King of Spain (1556–98), King of Portugal (1581–98, as Philip I, Filipe I), King of Naples and Sicily (both from 1554), and jure uxoris King of England and Ireland (during his marriage to Queen Mary I from 1554–58). He was also Duke of Milan. From 1555 he was lord of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands.
The son of Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain Charles V and Isabella of Portugal, Philip was called "Felipe el Prudente" ("Philip the Prudent") in Spain; his empire included territories on every continent then known to Europeans, including his namesake the Philippines. During his reign, Spain reached the height of its influence and power. This is sometimes called the Spanish Golden Age.
His first wife was Maria Manuela of Portugal. His second wife was Mary I of England. His fourth wife was Elisabeth of Valois, from whom he had Isabella Clara Eugenia. His fourth wife was his niece Anna of Austria, from whom he had Philip III.

- "... his most striking features were his large blue eyes set in an egg-shell complexion, his reddish hair and his disproportionate upper jaw and lip."…

Sunday, 9 December 2018

711) Jacqueline Kolb

Amélia Emma Louise Kolb, also known as Jacqueline (1891 - 1967). French nurse. On the 2nd of May 1918 she married the writer Guillaume Apollinaire, who died the following November. His poem La jolie rousse is dedicated to her. 
- "On March 15, 1918, two months before his wedding to the red-haired Jacqueline, he published La jolie rousse...…

- "...Apollinaire married Jacqueline Kolb, the lovely redhead he called Ruby..."…

- "Hitherto unfortunate in love, particularly with the painter Marie Laurencin, he found happiness with Jacqueline Kolb, the "beautiful redhead" of the last poem in Calligrammes. They married in May. Six months later, at the age of 38, Apollinaire died of influenza in Paris."

Saturday, 8 December 2018

710) Quinn O'Hara

Quinn O'Hara (born Alice Jones, 1941 – 2017). Scottish-born American actress who starred in movies such as A Swingin' Summer and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.
In 1986, she married William Kirk, some two decades her junior. She became a U.S. citizen in 1992, and later became a nurse, known as Alice Kirk.

- "Quinn O'Hara may have been best known for her red hair and her good looks, although she was talented as an actress.…/05/quinn-ohara-passes-on.html

- "With her long red hair cascading over her shoulder, O’Hara memorably graced the Don Weis-directed drive-in favorite with the comically sultry “Don’t Try To Fight It Baby,” sung to a haunted suit of armor."…/quinn-ohara-dies-obituary-ghost-in-…/

- "A special thank you to the wonderful Quinn, who's still a red-haired gasser..."…

709) Juliet Prowse

Juliet Anne Prowse (1936 – 1996). Dancer, actress and singer, whose four-decade career included stage, television and film. 
She was the first guest to appear on an episode of The Muppet Show.

- "... Juliet Prowse, another long-legged, red-haired dancer cut in the pattern of Shirley MacLaine..."…

- "A tall actress-dancer with red hair, pouting lips (she was once called 'a trim Brigitte Bardot') and a great high kick, Juliet Prowse appeared on screen with Frank Sinatra (who proposed marriage) and Elvis Presley..."…/juliet-prowse-elvis-pr…

- "At age 23 in 1960, she was slender and tall at 5 feet 8 inches, with bright red hair."

Friday, 7 December 2018

708) Bonnie Franklin

Bonnie Gail Franklin (1944 – 2013). American actress, known for her leading role in the television series One Day at a Time (1975–1984). She was nominated for Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe Awards.

- "She once said that because of her red hair and freckles, fans have a hard time believing that she is Jewish."

- "Ms. Franklin — green-eyed, red-haired, button-nosed and 5-foot-3 — brought a buoyant comic touch to the part."…/bonnie-franklin-actress-dies-at-6…

707) Jayne Meadows

Jayne Meadows (born Jane Cotter; 1919 – 2015), also known as Jayne Meadows-Allen. American stage, film and television actress, as well as an author and lecturer. She was nominated for three Emmy Awards during her career and was the elder sister of actress and memoirist Audrey Meadows.

- "The red-haired Meadows was best known as Allen's wife and the sister of Honeymooners star Audrey Meadows."…/jayne-meadows-actress-a…/26475405/

- "Jayne had to cover her natural red hair with an exotic black wig for the film."

706) Darlene Conley

Darlene Conley (1934 – 2007). American actress.
Conley's career spanned fifty years, but she was best known for her performances in daytime television, and in particular, for her portrayal of larger-than-life fashion industrialist Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful. Conley played the role from 1989 until her death seventeen years later. Darlene's character Sally is the only soap opera character to be displayed at Madame Tussaud's wax figures galleries in Amsterdam and Las Vegas.

- “Without telling anybody, I got on the Illinois Central railroad by myself and went downtown to the audition,” she says. “Because I was Irish, and I had red hair, freckles and thick glasses, I thought I was wonderful.”

- "'I had an Irish brogue, red hair and I wore glasses, but I got started acting and I lasted by not knowing that I wouldn`t succeed.''…

705) Lana Turner

Lana Turner (born Julia Jean Turner; 1921 – 1995). American actress who worked in film, television, theater, and radio. Over the course of her nearly 50-year career, she achieved fame as both a pin-up model and a dramatic actress as well as for her highly publicized personal life. In the mid-1940s, she was one of the highest-paid women in the United States, and one of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's (MGM) biggest stars, with her films earning the studio over $50 million during her eighteen-year contract with them. She is frequently cited as a popular culture icon of Hollywood glamour.
During the early 1940s, Turner established herself as a leading actress and one of MGM's top performers, appearing in such films as the film noir Johnny Eager (1941); the musical Ziegfeld Girl (1941); the horror film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941); and the romantic war drama Somewhere I'll Find You (1942), one of several films in which she starred opposite Clark Gable. Turner's reputation as a glamorous femme fatale was enhanced by her critically acclaimed performance in the film noir The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946), a role which established her as a serious dramatic actress. Her popularity continued through the 1950s in dramas such as The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) and Peyton Place (1957), the latter of which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.

- "In her early films, Turner donned her natural auburn hair, such as in Dancing Co-Ed (1939), in which she was billed "the red-headed sensation who brought "it" back to the screen. 1941's Ziegfeld Girl was the first film to showcase Turner with platinum blonde hair, which she wore for much of the remainder of her life and came to be known for."

- "When Lana started in Hollywood, her hair was a reddish brown. It was eventually dyed blond, which it stayed for most of her career."…/you-stepped-out-of-a-drea…/

- "Her auburn hair was bleached for Idiot's Delight (1939). She was withdrawn from the film, but the fact that she had become a blonde not only changed her screen image but gave her such an outgoing, swinging personality that Hollywood called her the Nightclub Queen."

- "For several moments after Mr. Wilkerson had left the Top Hat, the red-haired girl sat on her stool, studying her empty glass."

Thursday, 6 December 2018

704) Elizabeth Hartman

Mary Elizabeth Hartman (1943 – 1987). American actress, best known for her performance in the 1965 film A Patch of Blue, playing a blind girl named Selina D'Arcy, opposite Sidney Poitier, a role for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Golden Globe Award. The next year, she appeared in Francis Ford Coppola's You're a Big Boy Now (1966) as Barbara Darling, for which she was nominated for a second Golden Globe Award.

- "This slender, striking, red-haired, freckle-faced American leading lady, a Carnegie-Tech student in the 60s...

- "... high-strung, red-haired actress of stage and screen who won quick fame in 1966 with an Academy Award nomination for her role in the film A Patch of Blue...…/mag…/article/0,9171,964735,00.html

- "It starred the slender, red-headed beauty Elizabeth Hartman."

703) Suzy Parker

Suzy Parker (born Cecilia Ann Renee Parker; 1932 – 2003). American model and actress active from 1947 into the early 1960s. Her modeling career reached its zenith during the 1950s, when she appeared on the cover of dozens of magazines and in advertisements and movie and television roles.
She appeared in several Revlon advertisements as well as in advertisements for many other cosmetic companies, including Solo Products, the largest hair care product company in the country at the time. In 1956, at the height of her modelling career, she became the first model to earn $100,000 per year ($902,000 today). A song that The Beatles wrote for her, though not released on record, appeared in their 1970 documentary film Let It Be, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

- "Parker was already 5'10", big-boned, and had carrot red hair, pale-green eyes, and freckles."

- "Parker had the hautiest of cheekbones and nobody angled an elbow better, but when she shook out her red hair she suggested a cool Hollywood glamour"…/guardianobituaries.veronicaho…

- "Suzy Parker, the willowy, red-headed beauty whose elegant poses on scores of magazine covers defined glamour in the 1950's and paved the way for the supermodels to follow..."…/suzy-parker-willowy-model-and-act…

- "Suzy is pretty different from her big sisters, she has red hair like carrots, her face is full of freckles, pale green eyes and she is very tall: at school, she was the tallest, teachers included."

702) Michael Maule

Michael Maule (1921 – 2017). American ballet dancer and instructor.

- "Maule was not a bravura dancer, but he possessed a sound classical technique, and his fine Scottish looks—a sturdy figure, handsome head, pale complexion, and light red hair—added to his strong stage presence."

701) Helen Tamiris

Helen Tamiris (born Helen Becker; 1905 –1966). American choreographer, modern dancer, and teacher.

- "Tamiris, whose dance photos show her as a vibrant red-haired woman, athletic and strong..."…

- "A tall woman with fiery red hair and dramatic features, Helen Tamiris became as notable for her political dynamism as for her appearances onstage..."…/ency…/tamiris-helen-1902-1966

- "She was tall for a dancer, strong of limb, and with a beautifully proportioned body topped by a mop of bright red hair. "

- "At a time when some modern dancers tried to look like stern high priestesses, Tamiris, with her mane of reddish-gold hair, was defiantly glamorous, and she relished unusual roles."…/dance-view-a-champion-of-racial-j…