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984) Muriel Gifford

Muriel Enid Gifford (1884 - 1917). Eight child of the twelve children of Frederick and Isabella Gifford, an Irish couple of. unionist-leaning politics.
She was trained as a nurse and in 1912 married the political activist Thomas MacDonagh. They had two childrem, Donagh and Barbara.
Thomas MacDonagh was executed in 1916 and Muriel died of a heart attack a year afterwards, while swimming.

- "Growing into adulthood, Muriel was described as a tall, striking woman with long red hair."…/today-in-irish-history-9-j…/…

- "The pupuls sensed more than a passing affair when this red-haired young lady appeared on the scene. [...] fairly tall, with a roseleaf complexion, dark eyes and masses of Titian hair..."…

- "Several of the girls, inculding Muriel, were red-headed and their mother was ashamed of the fact."…

983) Tim Healy

Timothy Michael Healy, (1855 – 1931). Irish nationalist politician, journalist, author, barrister and one of the most controversial Irish Members of Parliament (MPs) in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. His political career began in the 1880s under Charles Stewart Parnell's leadership of the Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP), and continued into the 1920s, when he was the first Governor-General of the Irish Free State.

- "Short in stature, flaming red haired, with a square forehead and staring eyes..."…

982) Vladimir K. Zworykin

Vladimir Kosmich Zworykin (1888 – 1982). Russian-American inventor, engineer, and pioneer of television technology. Zworykin invented a television transmitting and receiving system employing cathode ray tubes. He played a role in the practical development of television from the early thirties, including charge storage-type tubes, infrared image tubes and the electron microscope.

- "Because of the grumblings and rumblings of this red-haired, red-tempered genius, the whole of the TV spectrum has not been surrendered to vaudeville clichés and verbal Irish sweepstakes."…

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981) Alice Milligan

Alice Milligan (1865 – 1953) Irish nationalist poet and writer, active in the Gaelic League.
ogether with her father she wrote a political travelogue of the north of Ireland in 1888, Glimpses of Erin. She wrote her first novel, A Royal Democrat, in 1890.
After the death of C. S. Parnell she became an ardent nationalist. In 1894 with Jenny Armour she founded branches of the Irish Women's Association in Belfast and other places, and became its first president. With Ethna Carbery she founded two nationalist publications in the 1890s, The Northern Patriot, and later The Shan Van Vocht, a monthly literary magazine published in Belfast from 1896 to 1899.
She was a figure of the Irish literary revival, and a close associate of Douglas Hyde. She was also 'on first-name terms' with WB Yeats, James Connolly and Roger Casement. Tomas MacDonagh, writing in the Irish Review in September 1914, described her as 'the best Irish poet of his generation'.

- "This “red-headed Nationalist” was a figure of gossip and controversy and was branded a “black mark” on her family’s reputation."…/

- "... a young woman with bright red hair, a hat... My companion said excitedly: There is Alice Miligan.…

980) Mary Colum

Mary Colum (née Maguire, 1884 – 1957). Irish literary critic and author.
She co-founded The Irish Review (1911–14) with David Houston, Thomas MacDonagh et al. and she and her husband Padraic edited the magazine for some months of its four-year career.
In July 1912 she married Padraic Colum and they moved to New York in 1914, living occasionally in London and Paris. In Paris Colum associated with James Joyce and discouraged him from duping enquirers about the origins of the interior monologue in the example of Edouard Dujardin.

- "... got his revenge by making Colum’s curly red hair look wild in the finished portrait, despite the fact that she had had a finger wave put in to keep it under control."…

- "Mary was a very lovely young woman, and was described as having “a cascade of beautiful red hair”.…/an-irishman-s-diary-on-mary-ma…

- "... taking young, red-haired witty Mary Colum along..."…

- "... both pursuing a red-haired Sligo girl named Mary Maguire, who taught at St.Enda's with MacDonagh."

979) J. J. "Ginger" O'Connell

Jeremiah Joseph "Ginger" O'Connell (1887 – 1944). Irish revolutionary, active in the Irish War of Independence, and later a senior officer in the Irish Defence Forces.
At the time the 1916 Easter Rising, O'Connell was operating in Dublin under instruction from Joseph Plunkett. He was dispatched to Cork by Eoin MacNeill to try to prevent the Rising. Following the Rising, he was arrested and held in Frongoch internment camp from April to July 1916. In 1918 he was again arrested and interned, spending time in Wandsworth Prison with Arthur Griffith for the alleged involvement in the fabricated German Plot.
During the Irish War of Independence, he was a member of the Irish Republican Army headquarters staff, as Assistant Director of Training and, after the killing of Dick McKee, as Director of Training. He coordinated, and was the principal lecturer, for a training course for military officers.
In the IRA split after Dáil Éireann ratified the Anglo-Irish Treaty, O'Connell took the pro-Treaty side. He was made Deputy Chief of Staff in the National Army. On 26 June 1922, he was kidnapped by anti-treaty forces in reprisal for the arrest of an anti-treaty officer; his kidnapping was a precipitating factor in the formal outbreak of the Irish Civil War, when government pro-treaty forces two days later attacked anti-treaty forces occupying the Four Courts. O'Connell survived the fighting and spent the rest of the civil war as General Officer Commanding the Curragh Command.

- "He was nicknamed "Ginger" because of his red hair.

978) Frank Jenks

Frank Jenks (1902 – 1962). Acid-voiced American supporting actor of stage and films.
Jenks began in vaudeville and went on to a long career in movies and television, mostly in comedy. He was one of the more familiar faces and voices of the Hollywood Studio era. For almost ten years beginning in the early 1920s, Jenks was a song and dance man in vaudeville.

- "With his shock of wavy red hair slicked back tight on his head, Frank had an infectious Irish grin..."…

977) Tedi Thurman

Theodora "Tedi" Thurman (born Dorothy Ruth Thurman; 1923 – 2012). American fashion model and actress who found fame in the 1950s as Miss Monitor on NBC's Monitor, a 40-hour weekend radio show developed by Pat Weaver.

- "She's 5-feet-7, weight 115, sea-blue eyes, long loosely combed red hair and a 33-21-33 figure."

- "At five-foot-seven, with cascading red hair..."…

- "At 5-foot-7, with sea-blue eyes, flowing red hair, chiseled cheeks and a shapely figure, Tedi Thurman was a stunner."…/tedi-thurman-89-weather-forecaster…

976) Sylvester "Pat" Weaver

Sylvester Laflin "Pat" Weaver, Jr. (1908 – 2002). American radio advertising executive, who became president of NBC between 1953 and 1955. He has been credited with reshaping commercial broadcasting's format and philosophy as radio gave way to television as America's dominant home entertainment. His daughter is actress Sigourney Weaver.
He was of Scottish descent (possibly Clan MacFarlane), as well as of Ulster-Scots and early New England ancestry.
He was a descendant of Charles Laflin, a gunpowder manufacturer, who came to America in 1740 from Ulster, Ireland, settling at Oxford, Massachusetts.

- "He stood six-foot-four and was lean and energetic, with short-cropped, curly red hair now flecked with gray..."…

975) Robert L. Bernstein

Robert Louis Bernstein (1923 – 2019). American publisher and human rights activist.
Bernstein started as an office boy at Simon & Schuster in 1946, moved to Random House in 1956 and succeeded Bennett Cerf as President and CEO in 1966. He served as the President of Random House for 25 years. He published many great American authors, including William Faulkner, James Michener, Dr. Seuss, Toni Morrison and William Styron.

- "He had red hair and freckles.…/robert-l-bernstein-used-literary-perc…

- "I was a tall, skinny, good-natured but somewhat shy kid with red hair and freckles."…

- "Red-haired and freckle-faced Bob Bernstein of Golden Records..."…

974) Levett Hanson

Levett Hanson (1754–1814). English-born author and courtier who was active at a number of European courts.
In 1769 he went to school at North Walsham, Norfolk, where Horation Nelson was his schoolfellow for two years.

- "As an adult Hanson was a flamboyant author and traveller, fair-complexioned, red-haired and round-faced..."…

973) Henry Keppel

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Keppel (1809 – 1904). Royal Navy officer.
As commanding officer of the corvette HMS Dido on the East Indies and China Station he was deployed in operations during the First Opium War and in operations against Borneo pirates. He later served as commander of the naval brigade besieging Sebastopol during the Crimean War. After becoming second-in-command of the East Indies and China Station, he commanded the British squadron in the action with Chinese pirates at the Battle of Fatshan Creek when he sank around 100 enemy war-junks. He subsequently took part in the capture of Canton during the Second Opium War.
Keppel went on to be Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa Station, then Commander-in-Chief, South East Coast of America Station, Commander-in-Chief, China Station and finally Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth.

- "... James met a red-haired British naval captain named the Hon. Henry Keppel..."…

- "Keppel was known to the Dyaks as ‘The Red Devil’ on account of his red hair.

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972) Otto Lilienthal

Karl Wilhelm Otto Lilienthal (1848 – 1896). German pioneer of aviation who became known as the "flying man". He was the first person to make well-documented, repeated, successful flights with gliders. Newspapers and magazines published photographs of Lilienthal gliding, favorably influencing public and scientific opinion about the possibility of flying machines becoming practical. On 9 August 1896, his glider stalled and he was unable to regain control. Falling from about 15 m (50 ft), he broke his neck and died the next day, 10 August 1896.

- "Imagine, if you will, a curly red-haired athlete built like a fireplug..."…

- "... broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, with a head of curly red hair, a full beard and mustache..."…

- "A squarely built figure with red hair and a beard who dressed for his flights in knickers with heavily padded knees..."…
- "... Lilienthal's craft stalled, hurtling the burly, red-headed daredevil to the ground."…

971) Anna Cora Mowatt

Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie (1819–1870). French-born American author, playwright, public reader, and actress.
Her best-known work was the play Fashion, published in 1845.

- "She was well known for her mellifluous voice, delicate features and long auburn hair, a lock of which was placed in the daguerreotype case, along with a sprig of rosemary."…/f…/collection-highlights

- "Hair light auburn, in rich profusion, and always arranged with exquisite taste."…/f720d2c5f1cff0547f42ed15…

- "... bold features, deep blue eyes and masses of auburn hair..."…

- "Mrs Mowatt has also the personal advantage of a profusione of rich auburn hair."…

970) Louis Daguerre

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787 – 1851), better known as Louis Daguerre. French artist and photographer, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He became known as one of the fathers of photography. Though he is most famous for his contributions to photography, he was also an accomplished painter and a developer of the diorama theatre.

- "With his curly, coiffured red hair, his thick bootbrush moustache above a long, straight, sensuous mouth..."…

969) Archie Cochrane

Archibald Leman Cochrane (1909 – 1988). Scottish doctor noted for his book Effectiveness and Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services. This book advocated the use of randomized control trials to make medicine more effective and efficient. His advocacy of randomized controlled trials eventually led to the development of the Cochrane Library database of systematic reviews, the establishment of the UK Cochrane Centre in Oxford and the international Cochrane Collaboration. He is known as one of the fathers of modern clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine and is considered to be the originator of the idea of evidence-based medicine in the current era.

- "My face was emaciated and deeply jaundiced, but it was surrounded by a mass of red hair and an impressive red beard."…/sickness-in-salonica/

- "... imagine this guy with this, this long ginger beard and this shock of red hair.…/KU-11B/L12-answers-KU-11B-…

968) Louis Jerome "Red" Vogt

Louis Jerome Vogt, Sr., also known as Red Vogt (1904 - 1991). American racing cars mechanic at NASCAR.

- "He got his nickname because of his red hair which he inherited from his mother, Carrie."…/nascar-beginnings-featuring…/

- "... including a red-headed kid named Louis Red Vogt..."…

- "Known for his red hair and spotless white attire, even while working, and for his meticulously organized tools."…/whitelightnin…/background-context

967) George Macleay

Sir George Macleay (1809 – 1891). Australian explorer and politician.
In November 1829 he accompanied Charles Sturt on his second expedition to the mouth of the Murray River and back. Early in April 1830, after difficulties on the expedition and the whole party was practically exhausted, Sturt recorded that "amidst these distresses Macleay preserved his good humour and did his utmost to lighten the toil and to cheer the men". Macleay and Sturt remained good friends and corresponded regularly until Sturt's death in 1869.
Macleay was also a keen zoologist, he donated fossil specimens he collected from the Murrumbidgee River to the Australian Museum. He was also a museum trustee and contributed to Richard Owen's book on the fossils of Australia. On his 1873 visit, he collected a Queensland lungfish or Ceratodus forsteri (now called Neoceratodus forsteri) and took it back to London for T. H. Huxley to dissect and describe in an 1876 paper which identified the supplier as "my friend Sir George Macleay ... on a recent visit to Australia".

- "Charles Sturt named the Rufus River in south-western New South Wales in Macleay's honour, as he had red hair..."

- "He was a tall sturdy man with red hair."

- "The river was named light-heartedly in 1830 by Charles Sturt to commemorate the red hair of his companion explorer, George Macleay."…

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966) Georg von Vincke

Georg von Vincke (1811 – 1875). Prussian politician, officer, landowner and aristocrat of the Vincke family.
At first he was a supporter of the conservative factions, but from 1852 he increasingly supported the left, and was one of the main opponents of Otto Theodor von Manteuffel. From 1867 to 1869 Vincke was a deputy in the parliament of the North German Confederation.
He is regarded as one of the greatest Prussian orators of his time.
In 1852 he dueled with Otto von Bismarck; the duel ended without injury to either man.

- "He was Baron Georg von Vincke, a red-haired, short-tempered, somewhat overbearing representative of an ancient and distinguished Westphalian family..."…

965) Bill Bachrach

William Bachrach (1879 – 1959). American swimming and water polo coach.
He is the only coach whose swimmers and divers won every Men's National AAU championship event in one year (1914). He coached two winning U.S. Olympic teams.

- "... leading the way thanks to a Jewish maestro with thinning red hair."…

- "... Bill had sparse red hair and a matching mustache."…

964) Don Budge

John Donald ("Don" or "Donnie") Budge (1915 – 2000). American tennis player. He was a World No. 1 player for five years, first as an amateur and then as a professional. He is most famous as the first player, male or female, and only American male to win in a single year the four tournaments that comprise the Grand Slam of tennis and second male player to win all four Grand Slam events in his career after Fred Perry, and is still the youngest to achieve that feat. He won 10 majors, of which six were Grand Slam events (consecutively, male record) and four Pro Slams, the latter achieved on three different surfaces. Budge was considered to have the best backhand in the history of tennis, at least until the emergence of Ken Rosewall in the 1950s and 1960s, although most observers rated Budge's backhand the stronger of the two.

- "Ruddy-faced, freckled, with a full head of bright red hair, Budge weighed only 155 pounds then, although he stood almost 6 feet 2 inches."…/la-xpm-1988-05-29-sp-5609-story.h…

- "Supremely athletic and powerful, the red-haired Budge stood six-foot-one and weighed 160 pounds, giving him an imposing body, ideal for tennis players."

- "... but the thing I remember the most was Don Budge's bright red hair."…

963) Maurice McLoughlin

Maurice Evans McLoughlin (1890 – 1957). American tennis player. Known for his powerful serve and overhead volley, McLoughlin was the first male tennis champion from the western United States.

- "To the surprise of the easteners in 1909, red-haired Maurice McLoughlin, the California Comet, suddenly appeared."…

- "It was Maurice McLoughlin, he of the red hair, gleaming smile and pulverizing punch in service and smash.…

- "McLoughlin, the red-haired Californian, broke the ice in 1912."…

962) Bob Fitzsimmons

Robert James Fitzsimmons (1863 – 1917). British professional boxer who made boxing history as the sport's first three-division world champion. He also achieved fame for beating Gentleman Jim Corbett, (the man who beat John L. Sullivan), and he is in The Guinness Book of World Records as the lightest heavyweight champion.
Considered one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, Fitzsimmons is ranked as No. 8 on The Ring magazine's list of 100 greatest punchers of all time.

- "Affectionately known as ‘Ruby’ Robert (for his red hair and fair complexion) he was often described as a ‘physical freak’ (The ‘freckled freak’ being one of his more sour tasting name tags)."

- "That, allied to a balding pate with tufts of red hair hanging on for dear life, a heavily freckled face and body..."…/bob-fitzsimmons-the-final-…/

- "The red-haired Fitzsimmons - nicknamed "Ruby Robert" and "the Freckled Wonder" - was relatively small for a heavyweight..."…