Saturday, 3 November 2018

688) Margherita Sarfatti

Margherita Sarfatti (born Grassini,1880 – 1961). Italian journalist, art critic, patron, collector, socialite, a prominent propaganda adviser of the National Fascist Party. She was Benito Mussolini's biographer as well as one of his mistresses.
She was the daughter of Amedeo Grassini and Emma Levi. Amedeo was a wealthy Jewish lawyer and businessman. He was a fiscal attorney for the Venetian government and a close friend of Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, later Pope Pius X.
In 1911, Margherita Sarfatti met Benito Mussolini and started a relationship with him. After losing her husband in 1924, she wrote a biography of Mussolini. This was first published in 1925 in Britain under the title The Life of Benito Mussolini; it was published the following year in Italy with the title Dux. Because of the fame of Mussolini and the author's familiarity with the dictator, the book was a success. Seventeen editions were printed and it was translated into 18 languages.

- "Attractive and green-eyed, with auburn hair, at eighteen she maried a Jewish lawyer forteen years her senior."…

- "The lovely girl with red hair and green eyes and insatiable curiosity was raised in a protected setting and surrounded by love..."…
- "Ad attenderla trovava Antonio Fogazzaro, che amava sentire quella piccina dai capelli rossi recitare accanto agli affreschi del Tiepolo. [She would find Antionio Fogazzaro waiting for her. He loved hearing the little red-haired girl reciting near Tiepolo's frescoes.]"

- "Fin da ragazza affascina per la sua bellezza fuori dell’ordinario, con quegli occhi grigio-verdi e i capelli color rame, e attira il suo temperamento ribelle, insofferente al perbenismo borghese. [She charmes people since she was a teenager because of her beauty out of the ordinary, with her gray-blue eyes and copper hair. And she appeals with her rebel temperament, intolerant to bourgeois respectability.]"…/margherita-sarfatt…

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