Tuesday, 26 July 2022

1438) Henrietta Reubell

Henrietta Reubell (c. 1849–1924). Franco-American socialite and prominent figure in Paris society, known for hosting a lively salon at her apartment at 42 avenue Gabriel, including James McNeill Whistler, Oscar Wilde, Edith Wharton, and Henry James.

Her father, Frédéric Reubell, belonged to an Alsatian family with strong Revolutionary affiliations: her paternal great-grandfather, Jean-François Reubell (1747 - 1807) served as a president of the Directoire and her grandfather, Jean-Jacques Reubell (1777 - 1847) was a Napoleonic general. Reubell's mother, Julia Christiana Coster (d. 1884), was an American from a wealthy Dutch family in New York (she was a daughter of John Gerard Coster, who served as president of the Bank of the Manhattan Company).
The character of Etta Barrace, in Henry James' The Ambassadors (1903) is based on Henrietta Reubell. 
- "The painter William Rothenstein recollected a striking figure, with her bright red hair crowning an expressive but unbeautiful face..." https://books.google.it/books?id=vSJhEAAAQBAJ&pg=PT248...
Henrietta Reubell by John Singer Sargent


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