Friday, 5 August 2022

1459) Jimmy Lydon

James Joseph Lydon (1923 – 2022). American actor and television producer.

In 1937, Jimmy, not knowing what he wanted to do, tried his hand at acting. His first role was Danny in the Broadway play Western Waters. He had been allowed to audition for the part after fabricating a list of roles he had previously portrayed. In the next couple of years, he learned the acting craft while performing in plays such as Sunup to Sundown, Prologue to Glory, Sing Out the News, and The Happiest Days. In 1939, he moved with his family to Hollywood to seek film roles.
Between 1941 and 1944, under contract to Paramount Pictures, Lydon starred as the screechy-voiced, adolescent Henry Aldrich in the movie series of that title. After completing the Aldrich series, the 21-year-old Lydon signed a contract in 1944 with Republic Pictures. He appeared in the acclaimed 1947 film Life with Father in the role of college-bound Clarence.
Lydon easily gained roles in the new medium of television. He portrayed Chris Thayer on The First Hundred Years. The show was CBS' first daytime soap opera. It was performed live for three seasons of 300 episodes.
After working increasingly in television in the 1950s, he turned to production and helped to create the detective series 77 Sunset Strip, as well as the sitcom M*A*S*H.
- “I was the only natural redhead,” said Lydon."
- "Encouraged by a family friend to audition for the theater and lie about his lack of experience, the red-haired, freckle-faced Mr. Lydon went into acting..."
- "Jimmy Lydon was the only one with naturally red hair, but he still had to get his hair dyed with the rest of the cast."


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