Monday 18 September 2023

1611) Caroline Miskel Hoyt

Caroline Miskel Hoyt (née Scales; 1873–1898). American stage actress.
She moved to New York City at the age of 18 and soon made her professional stage début touring with Augustin Daly's famed repertory company, adopting the professional name Caroline Miskel. The following season she portrayed Ruth Hardman in Charles H. Hoyt's A Temperance Town, a satiric comedy that opened in 1893, at Hoyt's Madison Square Theatre.
Though by then Miskel was known as a promising young actress with a flair for comedy, she chose to retire from the stage not long after she married Charles Hoyt in 1894. She returned to the theatre in 1897 to star in Hoyt's new play A Contented Woman.
In 1898 she became gravely ill following the birth of her son and both died the next day. The loss brought about the decline of her widower, who died two years later. 

- "Canadian writer Hector Willoughby Charlesworth described her “light auburn hair, creamy complexion, bright sapphire eyes, and noble form and features” and noted that she was “as intellectual as she was beautiful.


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