Sunday, 21 October 2018

683) John Blair, Jr.

 John Blair Jr. (1732 – 1800). American politician, Founding Father and jurist.
John Blair was one of the best-trained jurists of his day. A famous legal scholar, he avoided the tumult of state politics, preferring to work behind the scenes. But he was devoted to the idea of a permanent union of the newly independent states and loyally supported fellow Virginians James Madison and George Washington at the Constitutional Convention. His greatest contribution as a Founding Father came not in Philadelphia, but later as a judge on the Virginia court of appeals and on the U.S. Supreme Court, where he influenced the interpretation of the Constitution in a number of important decisions. Contemporaries praised Blair for such personal strengths as gentleness and benevolence, and for his ability to penetrate immediately to the heart of a legal question.
- "In appearance John Blair was about five feet ten inches in height, of an erect and imposing stature, with a full forehead, blue eyes, and a well-formed nose; hair inclining to be red, and an expression of sweetness and gravity which adhered to him through life."…
- "... surmonted by a bald forehead fringed with scanty locks of red hair, which fell over his ears.…

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