Wednesday, 21 July 2021

1375) Charlotte Curtis

Charlotte Murray Curtis (1928 – 1987). American journalist, columnist and editor at The New York Times.
In 1974, she became an associate editor of the Times in charge of the Op-Ed Page, a position she held until 1982. Her name appeared on the Times masthead, the first woman to be included with the senior editors. Her column of social commentary ran from 1982 to June 1986.

- "But, true fame came to the society writer with flaming red hair always perfectly coiffed. Society Editor Charlotte Curtis's desk..."

- "When she was young, McCormick was thin and petite, as was Charlotte throughout her life, and both had red hair."

- "The byline belonged to Charlotte Curtis, 36, a supercharged, auburn-haired divorcee...",33009,940947,00.html

- "A petite figure, impeccably dressed with her auburn hair carefully styled..."



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