Thursday, 6 December 2018

699) Kasey Rogers

Kasey Rogers (born Josie Imogene Rogers; 1925 – 2006). American actress, memoirist and writer, best known for playing the second Louise Tate in the popular U.S. television sitcom Bewitched.

- "Had red hair. Originally wore a black bouffant wig on the Bewitched (1964) series in order to resemble the "first" Louise Tate, actress Irene Vernon."

- "The only thing like Irene is the producers asked if I would wear a black wig (my hair was red), so it wouldn't look like too much of a change."…/…

- "When red-haired Kasey Rogers replaced dark-haired Irene Vernon as Louise Tate, they made the transition easier by having Kasey wear a black wig."…/21278-David-Cassidy-…/page2

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