Saturday, 15 June 2019

791) Catherine, Baroness d'Erlanger

Marie Rose Antoinette Catherine "Mimi" de Robert d'Aqueria de Rochegude, Baroness D'Erlanger (1874–1959). French patron of the arts, who supported artists such as the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Cecil Beaton, Romaine Brooks, Philip de László and Sergei Diaghilev. Her granddaughter, Minnie Caroline d'Erlanger, married Winston Churchill, the grandson of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

- "She was known as "The Flame" (La Fiamma) for her hair color.…/Catherine,_Baroness_d%27Erlanger

- "She was very extraordinary, rather like a Renaissance pope, red-haired and rather wicked."…

Portrait by Philip de László

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