Thursday, 10 October 2019

1205) Mary Emma Jones

Mary Emma Jones, also known as Miss Clive. Actress, model and common-law wife of painter, illustrator and draughtsman Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829 - 1904).
They met in 1862, when she modeled for The Magdalen, but since he was already married with Georgiana Creed, he took her as his common-law wife for the rest of his life. She gave birth to a large number of children, 10 of whom were raised under the name of Neville and survived after Sandys' death.
She modeled for many paintings and drawings (both for Sandys and his sister Emma), such as Proud Maise, Helen of Troy, Perdita, Love's Shadows, etc.

Mary Emma Jones, by Emma Sandys

Mary Magdalene

Helen of Troy

Love's Shadow


Proud Maise

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