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1207) Fanny Cornforth

Fanny Cornforth (1835 – 1909). Englishwoman who became the artist's model and mistress of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Later, Cornforth performed the duties of housekeeper for Rossetti.
In Rossetti's paintings, the figures modeled by Fanny Cornforth are generally rather voluptuous, differing from those of other models such as Jane Morris and Elizabeth Siddal.
It is believed that her real name was Sarah Cox and that she was born in Steyning, West Sussex, the daughter of a blacksmith. Her first role was as to model the head of the principal figure in the painting Found.
William Michael Rossetti wrote that "she was a pre-eminently fine woman with regular and sweet features, and a mass of the most lovely blond hair – light-golden, or 'harvest yellow'." However, in most of the paintings she sat for, her hair looks quite reddish, or even copper.
Some of the paintings featuring Cornforth are Bocca Baciata, Lucrezia Borgia, Fair Rosamund, Fazio's Mistress (Aurelia), The Blue Bower, Lady Lilith, Found, The Holy Grail (all by Rossetti) and Sidonia von Bork (by E. Burne-Jones).

Aurelia (Fazio's Mistress)

Portrait of Cornfoth by Rossetti

Bocca Baciata

Fair Rosamund

Sidonia von Bork


Lucrezia Borgia

Lady Lilith

Womann Combing Her Hair

The Blue Bower

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