Monday, 21 October 2019

1212) Julia Richman

Julia Richman (1855-1912). American educator and pedagogue. She is remembered as the first woman district superintendent of schools in New York City. Richman wrote books on curriculum and started a number of school programs, including an optical one, special education for delinquents, chronic absentee students, as well as those who were above average. She was the first Normal College graduate to serve as principal in New York City and the first Jewish woman to obtain the position. The now defunct Julia Richman High School was named in her honor.

- "With her clipped, precise speech, her imposing bosom, her carefully marcelled mane of dark red hair...…

- "Her large brown eyes, freckles, and red hair were not considered assets, and her mother despaired of her sturdy, tomboyish figure."…/j…/PDF/1986_38_02_00.pdf

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