Saturday, 2 March 2019

725) Palle Huld

Palle Huld (1912 – 2010). Danish film actor and writer. He appeared in 40 films between 1933 and 2000. He was born in Hellerup in Denmark. His journey around the world at the age of 15 in 1928 reportedly inspired Hergé to create Tintin.

- "Fresh-faced, freckled, with a snub nose, a shock of bright red hair and a penchant for plus-fours, 15-year-old boy scout and car showroom clerk Palle Huld left Copenhagen on March 1 and duly circled the globe..."…/dec/07/man-who-inspired-tintin

- "Had colour photography been invented at the time, it would also have been apparent that like Hergé's character, Huld has red hair."…/tintin-and-the-figure-of-my…

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