Sunday, 2 September 2018

656) Nancy Carroll

Nancy Carroll (born Ann Veronica Lahiff, 1903 – 1965). American actress of Irish parentage. She began her acting career in Broadway musicals. She became a successful actress in "talkies" because her musical background enabled her to play in movie musicals of the 1930s. Her film debut was in Ladies Must Dress in 1927.

- "Nancy Carroll was a red-haired, wide-eyed movie queen of the 1920s and early 1930s."…/star-walk/nancy-carroll/

- "Bubbly and button-cute, Nancy was a red-haired former chorus girl who was making it big in the early sound era."…

- "She missed out on great roles that could have helped her career, often because with her red hair, beautiful blue eyes and round face, she was too "cute" to be considered for serious, dramatic parts."…/images-of-nancy-carroll.h…

- "This red-haired, cupid-bow-mouthed star entertained movie audiences during the 1930s mouthed star gained a large fan following with her singing and dancing abilities."

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