Sunday, 2 September 2018

658) Alice Howell

Alice Howell (1886 – 1961). Silent film comedy actress from New York City.
Early reviews of her movies describe her as the scream of the screen. One reviewer likened her to a "sort of Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., and Max Linder." All of this was compressed into "one more or less diminutive package of femininity." She was sometimes called "the girl Charlie Chaplin." She worked for Mack Sennett and later L-KO Kompany and her early comedies were often produced by Universal Pictures.

- "Her image was quite unique; piled-up frizzy red hair and a permanently surprised expression made look rather like a manic doll."
- "Of Irish stock, Alice was red-haired and feisty."

- "She seemed to me to be a loving, red-haired grandmother-business-woman with a lively sense of humor."…

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